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MARMOMAC 2018</a>

At Marmomac in Verona, Italy - we presented for the first time our new NOBLESSE range. We introduced a vived TERRAZZO range in five different colours.

Together with BRAM BOLLEN, we created ‘the perfect marble surface’. An exceptionally refined and super-strong surface with all the correct product attributes, plus ease of maintenance and a divinely beautiful structure. New colours, a refined D-Quartz formulation and natural vein patterns distinguish this new range; NOBLESSE.

Modernity into traditional TERRAZZO. New colors, surprising contrasts and unique fragments are the basic ingredients of our TERRAZZO RANGE. A color range that connects seamlessly with the natural designs of Diresco. A pure elegance that gives every interior or exterior a natural and timeless feel. The refined simplicity and detailing of our Terrazzo range allows these designs to be applied in both minimalistic spaces and classically furnished interiors. Terrazzo is a reflection of our rich design past and contemporary character.

BE TOUCHED BY NATURE and discover how we at Diresco re-invented industry standards and how our BIO-UV Technology opens OUTDOOR POSSIBILITIES.

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