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Noblesse oblige

Noblesse oblige</a>

Another result of the partnership between Diresco and Bram Bollen is ‘the perfect marble worktop’. An utterly refined, super strong worktop with all the right product features, easy maintenance, and a divinely fabulous structure. By selecting new top colours as the basis and using a new D-Quartz formula, we have developed a marble range that surpasses every natural variant in terms of look and feel. - Read more…

The comeback of Terrazzo

The comeback of Terrazzo</a>

Terrazzo is once again all the rage, which was very clear during the famous design fair ‘Salone del Mobile’ in Milan. You can see the Terrazo look everywhere: in floors, worktops, stair treads, wall cladding and decorative features. Bram Bollen joined forces with Diresco to breathe new life into Terrazzo by giving it a contemporary spin. - Read more…



Newcomer in the Diresco colour range: The magnificent Risotto Black, “The look and feel of granite” “The uniform black colour and crystalline structure creates a stylish appearance bursting with life” - Read more…

Diresco enters agreement with new partner

Diresco enters agreement with new partner</a>

Diresco, established 15 years ago by Chris Schelfhout and his son Dirk, has grown into the market leader for quartz composite slabs for use as kitchen countertops, bathroom and wall cladding, and indoor and outdoor use. The company has achieved a turnover of 22 million euros in the past year, as well as a gross operating profit (EBITDA) of approximately 5 million euros. - Read more…

Diresco trekt externe CEO aan

Diresco trekt externe CEO aan</a>

Diresco (°2003), eigendom van de familie Schelfhout en gespecialiseerd in de productie van hoogwaardig kwartscomposiet, met vestiging in Opglabbeek (BE), heeft een externe CEO aangetrokken. Jos Bongers heeft sinds 9 januari 2017 de taak van algemeen directeur/CEO opgenomen. - Read more…


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Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is natural quartz?

Quartz is one of the most commonly available minerals in the world. Our suppliers grind large blocks of quartz into quartz granules. Natural quartz granules constitute 94% of Diresco Stone.

The use of these quartz granules makes our Diresco Stone extremely strong and highly scratch resistant.

2 Benefits of Diresco Stone?

Diresco is a non-porous stone with excellent scratch-resistance and resistance to acids - dimensionally stable and shock-resistant - impervious and stain-resistant - corrosion and water-resistant

3 Where can I purchase Diresco Stone?

Contact the dealer in your country - see our “Dealers” tab

4 Do I have to apply a protector on Diresco Stone?

The density of the pores makes it unnecessary to apply a protector on composite worktops with Polished or Velvet finishes. However, we would advise you to apply protector to Anticato, our rough finish - you can purchase these protectors from specialised stores.

5 What should I use to maintain Diresco Stone on a daily basis?

Diresco Stone can be cleaned very easily with a neutral cleaner. NEVER use aggressive cleaners such as drain uncloggers, oven cleaners, metal cleaners, paint strippers, etc.

A simple dish cloth or micro fibre cloth is sufficient; never use abrasive sponges. Please refer to our detailed maintenance instructions.

6 Can I cut directly on my Diresco kitchen countertops?

Although the surface is highly scratch resistant, we do recommend the use of a chopping board - out of respect for your worktop!

7 Is Diresco Stone heat resistant?

Diresco Stone is heat resistant. But out of respect for your worktop, use a trivet when placing a hot pot or casserole, sudden and rapid temperature changes can potentially damage your worktop surface.

8 What products are recommended at the time of installation?

A technically qualified professional will use a two-component adhesive when installing the worktop, tiles on a flat, stable, dry and clean substrate.


9 Can I use Diresco in my kitchen?

Diresco Stone is an ideal worktop for your kitchen; it ensures that you can enjoy cooking without any worries.

10 Can I use Diresco Stone for other applications?

The quartz composite is very commonly used in the bathroom. You can easily create a walk-in shower without joints; but you can also make other splash walls or a designer sink;

11 Can I use Diresco for floors?

It is obviously suitable as a floor, and you can fully change the floor according to the colour of your worktop or your bathroom in this manner, or give your bathroom a uniform appearance. It can also be used to cover stairs, where scratch resistance is highly desirable.