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Adding sustainability to your kitchen, bathroom, floors, stairs ...

Engineered Stone

This engineered stone is composed of resin and granite or quartz granulates. A unique manufacturing process bonds these two natural materials into an incredibly strong product that is comparable to diamond.

Technical specifications

Liquid-proof and
stain resistant

Diresco Stone is the product of a unique process that makes engineered stone incredibly strong. The surface has no pores and is not porous so it’s impervious to any liquids. Even persistent stains are no match for Diresco Stone. Wine, vinegar, oil, coffee and even lemon juice, nail varnish and make-up don’t stand a chance of sticking to engineered stone.

Dimensional stability and

Life is about the ability to take knocks, and that’s where engineered stone really works for you. It's no coincidence that we call it a worktop and Diresco Stone makes everything work perfectly. Compared with other surfaces, even granite, Diresco exhibits unmatched shockproof qualities. Engineered stone is not just dimensionally stable, it also provides terrific mechanical strength. With Diresco Stone, you can beat anything that comes your way.

Corrosion-resistant and

The sustainable properties of Diresco Stone put an end to corrosion and moisture. The exceptionally hard material is capable of withstanding the tremendous natural forces of corrosion and moisture. The ease of use and numerous fields of application of this ingenious and rock-solid material are beyond question. So take the supreme step towards sustainability.

Scratch-free and

Every kitchen is a home in its own right and home is where we live. Diresco’s engineered stone provides the perfect base for comfortable living. A worktop made of Diresco stone lets you enjoy every day. It's carefree enjoyment.

Range of colours

The range of colours is just as extensive as the usage possibilities.

Thanks to the ingenious blend of quartz, resin and colour pigments, the array of colours is virtually limitless. We have updated the colour options, while introduction of the Venato and expansion of the Belgian range has added a new dimension to this versatile product. Black and white remain the trendsetters, but Diresco Stone is launching engineered stone that you can use in any interior.




The advantage of high gloss finish worktops is that they have a highly sealed surface that prevents penetration from staining agents. Worktops with high gloss top coats have a luxurious and modern appearance.



This surface treatment results in a luxurious matt-finished appearance that adds aesthetic value and guarantees excellent density, deep colour and significantly higher maintenance friendliness. It feels and appears velvety soft, yet stubborn staining agents cannot get a hold on this surface. One major advantage is that this finish requires no surface protection (stain stop/protector).



This finish has a rougher surface since it undergoes a special treatment process. This robust appearance can be easily used in any environment. This specific treatment not only makes it anti-slip, but also opens up new decorative opportunities.

The product requires little treatment (protector) that should preferably be carried out by a professional installer, which will make daily maintenance much easier.


Diresco Stone can easily be cleaned with a neutral cleaner. For more detailed information, please refer to the following maintenance instructions. If you have any further questions, please consult our FAQ.