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Diresco Stone applications

The outstanding properties of Diresco Stone make it an unbeatable material for a multitude of different uses. Its scratch-proof and liquid-resistant characteristics are highly valued in the kitchen, but the same applies equally to its use in bathrooms. Diresco offers a wide array of possibilities for floors, stairs, bathroom coverings and wall coverings and even bathroom furniture.



Diresco Stone has a number of properties that are leading to strong growth for the product in the kitchen world right now. The scratch-resistance and impermeability make this stone ideal as a kitchen working surface. The Diresco colour range also goes perfectly with the trend toward even colours on kitchen working surfaces, such as even white, black, brown, beige, etc.

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The Diresco quartz composite is being used increasingly in a variety of bathroom applications. Not only for bathroom furniture, but also for bathtub cladding, wall covering for showers and bathroom floors. For these applications, our anticato finish is often used. This finish scores best in terms of anti-slip qualities.

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Quartz composite is also becoming more popular as a tabletop. No longer restricted to the kitchen, where the same stone that has been used as the working surface is also used as a tabletop, but it is also making inroads in other surroundings, as well, such as meeting rooms, dining room tables, living room tables, etc. There are numerous shades of brown in the range that can be matched perfectly with wood or even white and black that can be combined with stainless steel or aluminum. The possibilities are endless.

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Wall tiles

In addition to all of the applications shown above, Diresco Stone is also being used a wide range of other interior-finishing applications. From floors to staircases to fireplace cladding. Its hardness gives the product top scores for wear-resistance. Our Belgian Blue, for example, which is a variation on Belgian bluestone, is much harder and scratch-resistant than real bluestone, which is why it is used a lot for floors, staircase and fireplace cladding.

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